Baan Aree'26

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        ਵ ˹ᴹҹ ҡͧҧ˭ 觼ŧҹʴ ҾѺ § 'Ҵ Ѻ Դ--ҹ' ԹշʹͼŧҹਵѺ

.. ਵԾѷ ԹԨ (ਵ) ,
ç¹ԷҤ , .Թ

çѹ : ¹觤٤Ѻ

觼ŧҹ red arrow .. )

J-Nipat's portrait

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    ...˹ٹա˹觢ͧ ҹҴ ʹ͡¤Ѻ ѲҼŧҹ ͧ觢աҡ¤Ѻ ѧ ˹Ҿоط͡Żž Դ ФѺ (Ẻ.?)

ŻẺž Դ㹾طȵɷ - ҳࢵͺ鹷 Ҥҧ ͧž Ҥѹ͡ Ҥѹ͡§˹ Ҫ Թ Թ ä 繵 ʹ㹻ȡ٪ Żž ٻẺѹ ¡ѺʡŪҧŻ㹻ȡ٪ҡ

    ФѺ աҡ ҽʹշдѺҹ ټŧҹ鹵仢ͧਵաҤѺ ( .. )

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