Baan Aree'26

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        ਵ ˹ᴹҹ ҡͧҧ˭ 觼ŧҹʴա ҾѺ § 'Ҵ Ѻ Դ--ҹ' ԹշʹͼŧҹਵѺ

.. ਵԾѷ ԹԨ (ਵ) ,
ç¹ԷҤ , .Թ

çѹ : ҧҤѺ.. (ҧ) ɴ¤Ѻ ǨоѲҤѺ

觼ŧҹ red arrow .. )

J-Nipat's portrait

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    .? ͧا͡Ѻ ا˹ҷԨó ǹ˹١ͧѺا仹 ѡҾ˹١Ҵ¤Ѻ ͡Ѻ ѧҴ¹ФѺ ǡҡѺ 䩹鹶֧ç÷ѴҧФѺ ਵͧѧࡵǹ͹ФѺ ҡǹ 鹨Ф Ҵŧҷ (ٻҹ ˹) ¹ ͧҾ ѹѺ зҧᢹʺ (¡ҡԹ ) 繸ҵҡ ਵѧҴǧ (ç) Ѻҷ͹ҧѧ¹ФѺ (ٵҧҾ "Ǵҹ" ͹ þѹ red arrow ԡ Ѻ) ҧ蹾ǤѺ ਵ..硷Ҩԧ ФѺ Ҵ ʹءѺ ( .. )

, Created : 7 Dec.2010
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